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Simple and Easy Yarn Peg Craft Storage Solution

This morning, I tipped out my collection of yarn pegs ready to decide on a nice colour combination for my next project.

Then spent a few minutes sorting them out into colour groups to make deciding on colour combinations easier - now this is a lovely activity, shuffling the pegs around, getting them sorted into all the blues then separating the blue/greens from the true blue shades, deciding if a this purple was nearer to a shade of Lilac, you know how it goes...

However, today I was feeling more focussed on getting my next project started. I simply wanted to quickly choose the shades I had in mind.

I reasoned there must be a better way of storing my lovely yarn pegs collection, and thought about my set of coloured pencils in their neat storage trays.

Ah! trays I thought, this could be the answer to this particular craft storage dilema.

So, the hunt started, I had a memory tickling away in the back of my mind, of a trip to Ikea and purchasing two plastic trays, (amongst a variety of other items!) not because we especially needed them, but because the just looked very useful.

These trays have been tucked away for years- thus the hunt for them!

A joy! (I’m easily pleased!) I quickly, - which is a very subjective time frame when searching or long forgotten items- found the trays nestled together in the back of a cupboard.

Further joy!

Four rows of pegs fit perfectly in the tray. I spent a little while sorting the shades into an order which works for me, please note this was NOT play...

It was an important aspect of the project’s success......

The second tray fits neatly over the first holding the pegs in place and keeping them dust free.

I have added a band of elastic tied around the trays, just in case I happen to knock it off the table or drop it when I fetch it from the shelf. Just in case you understand, merely a precaution!

So, my Stylecraft craft yarn pegs are stored in a simple and easy storage solution, regrettably my Paintbox yarn pegs to name but a few are looking sadly neglected....

I wonder who would like to have a little trip to Ikea with me soon?......

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