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Claire Fairall Independent knitting pattern designer.

Specialising in dolls, toys and seasonal items.


"When I create a new knitting pattern I  hope folk will want to reach for their knitting needles and yarn, because it has made them smile, or made them think of the ideal person to knit it for."

And clothes

Lilly and May, and the new babies Betsy and Ben have an ever growing wardrobe of clothes to wear. 

Whilst the Jo-jo dolls and their friends have knitted in clothes - ideal for beginner knitters!

Soft  Friends

From elephants to teddy bears, monsters to  bunny rabbits. 

Cuddly toys to delight every child.

Gifts and Decor

Projects to help celebrate the special times of year. Including gingerbread men for the Festive Season, pumpkins for Fall decor.

"I create dolls and toys to celebrate the seasons and important times in people’s lives, Christmas and Easter- New babies and snuggly tired toddlers."



82 Knighton Lane Leicester LE2 8BE


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