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Here you will find all your Seasonal treats and gift patterns.

Browse the whole collection or jump to the season you are knitting for now.


Patterns are also available from LoveCrafts and Etsy

If you prefer printed patterns posted to you-  They are available from my ETSY store.

lilly and may christmas pyjamas knitting pattern

Lilly and May Christmas Eve Set £3.00

lilly and may knitted doll christmas dress pattern

Lilly and May Christmas Set £3.00

knitted pumpkin doll pattern

Pumpkin Doll £3.50

Happy Ghosts Knitting Pattern  (1).jpg

Happy Halloween Ghosts £4.00

Easy little heart

Easy Little Hearts
Free Pattern

gingerbread man knitting pattern  (4).jpg

Christmas Gingerbread Men £3.50

Billy and bobbie-Jo doll knitting pattern (5).jpg

Billie and Bobbie-Jo £4.00

Pumpkin knitting pattern (11).jpg

Easy Knitted Pumpkin £3.00

Little Frankenstein knitted doll.

Little Frankenstein £4.00

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