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Christmas Fairy (4)_Fotor.jpg

Christmas Fairy £3.00

Nutcracker Toy Soldiers.

Toy Soldier £3.00

sarah beach tilda knitted doll

Tilda Doll Sarah £3.00

Seaside Jo-Jo doll knitted doll

Seaside Jo-Jo Doll £4.00

Graduation Bitsy Baby doll (3).jpg

Graduation Bity Doll £3.00

Halloween Jo-Jo doll knitting pattern.jpg

Halloween Jo-Jo Doll £4.00

Flower Garden Bitsy baby Doll (1).jpg

Flower Garden Bitsy Doll £3.00

Susan tilda doll  knitted doll

Tilda Doll Susan £3.00

Easter Bunny and Chick Bitsy Doll.jpg

Easter Bunny and Chick Bitsy Dolls £3.00

Aimee doll knitting pattern.jpg

Aimee Doll 
Free Pattern

Becky doll knitting pattern

Becky Doll £3.00

Tilda Doll Jane Knitting pattern (1).jpg

Tilda Doll Jane £3.00

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