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How to knit an easy picot lace edging

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

When I was creating the pattern for Sweet dreams -Lilly and May dolls night clothes, I wanted a traditional white “nightie” which needed a lace edging. I liked this edging so much I used it on May’s pyjamas too!

I think most children like playing at “putting dolly to bed” and part of that favourite game is of course dressing their dolls in a nightdress or pyjamas.

When I was small I had a collection of decorated shoe boxes in which I tucked up my dolls, often playing hospitals with them !

The picot lace edge pattern I use is very simple and worked as you cast off the hem of each garment.

It’s a good idea to use a smaller needle for working this row, otherwise the lace does not lay flat. - The clothes are knitted with 4mm, and I use a 3.25mm needle to knit this final lace row. Just swap the working needle (your right-hand needle if you are right-handed) for the smaller size and get started.

This edging is worked as you Bind off ( Cast off) the garment, Lilly's nightdress and May's pyjamas are knitted from the top down, making this edging perfect to finish them off.

Here are the instructions written out as you will find it in my patterns.

Picot hem bind off-Use a 3.25mm knitting needle to work steps 1&2

Step 1: CO2sts

Step 2: BO 4sts, slip remaining stitch from left hand needle to right hand needle.

Repeat steps 1&2 until last stitch remains

Cut yarn and pull the end through the last loop.

And here's are some step by step photos to show you exactly how its done.

1- Step One Cast on 2 stitches (Use the cable method)

You will now have 3 sts on your right-hand needle

2- Step Two Bind off 4 stitches, you are binding off the 2 extra stitches you made plus 2 sts from the hem.

You have now made your first little picot triangle.

3- Carefully slip the stitch on your right-hand needle back onto the left needle.

Take care not to twist the stitch as you do this.

4-Repeat Step One -Cast On 2 stitches.

This gives you 3 sts on your left-hand needle.

5- Repeat Step Two- Bind off 4 sts.

You will now have 1 st remaining on your right-hand needle

6- Don’t forget to slip the remaining stitch back to the left-hand needle.

You have now knitted 2 picot triangles created as you cast off the hem of the nightdress or pyjamas.

7- Continue to repeat steps one and two until you reach the end of the row.

This edging is so pretty I think it may well be making an appearance on more of Lilly and May’s new clothes.

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Mdm Samm
Mdm Samm
Feb 14, 2022

Hello Claire, I just purchased this pattern, is the doll knitted all in one piece? I am new to doll construction I just want to be sure as you don’t include photos on any steps along the way….they are adorable….

Feb 15, 2022
Replying to

Hi there, the head body and legs are knitted in one piece starting at the head. the arms are knitted afterwards and sewn on. There are detailed photos in the How to make up pages which guide you through (of course if you have any problems drop me a line) Perhaps the lack of photos on the actual pattern has surprised you? I keep the pattern pages photo free to make the pattern printer friendly. some folks will print it out many times so they can write on the pages- black and white only keeps the costs down! I hope you enjoy the pattern.



Apr 12, 2021

Thank you, Claire. Very sweet pajamas + robe 😀

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