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Free Christmas Cape knitting pattern for Lilly and May dolls

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

I thought Lilly and May would appreciate new outfits for Christmas, after all don’t, we all love a new Christmas frock? But more about the dresses later.

This free cape knitting pattern is their newest fashion statement! (Lilly and May knitting pattern come with 2 dress patterns included)

It’s a very simple pattern- you could easily knit it in a couple of evenings, so it’s great as a last-minute project.

I started at the collar and knitted down all in one piece, simply increases, and decreases make the shaping. There is a buttonhole but if you prefer you could add ribbon ties to make it even easier!

As its knitted from the top down you could also adjust the length- I like the elbow length, but you could make it full length if you wanted.

Other tweaks include using a fluffy yarn to give a fun fur trim, If you are feeling adventurous you could pick up stitches along either side of the front opening to make a full fur trimmed cape!

So having teased you with pictures here’s the pattern. (There's a free instant download available in my Ravelry store too)

Lilly and May Christmas Cape

Use double knit /light worsted yarn and 4mm/UK8 /US6 Needles

You’ll need about 20g red yarn and about 5g white

Using white yarn

Starting at the collar

Row1: Cast On 66sts

Rows 2 to 4: knit 3 rows (Garter stitch)

Change to red yarn

Rows 5 to10: stocking stitch 6 rows starting with a k row

Row 11: k1, (k2tog) rep to last st, k1 (34)

Row12: purl

Row13: k1, (k2tog, k1) rep to lend of row (23)

Row14: knit This will reverse the smooth knit side of the fabric. So that the when its folded into place the collar will look right.

Beginning of cape section

Row15: purl

Row16: k1, (kfb) rep to last st, k1 (44)

Row17: purl

Row18: k1, YO, k2tog (kfb) rep to last st, k1 (84)

Rows19 to 37: stst 19 rows starting with a p row

Change to white yarn

Rows 38 to 41: k four rows (Garter stitch)

Row 42: Bind Off

Weave in all loose ends

Making up the Cape

Sew a small button to secure the cape around the dolls neck

Use the buttonhole to guide you for the button placement.

And now for the dress tweaks- you’ll already have the full pattern for the dress as it is included in the Lilly and May knitting pattern.

I followed the basic pattern with a plain skirt for this version.

Only changing the hem as follows slightly to give the three colour stripe.

Knit to row 30 as given in the pattern.

Change to green (or colour you chose for bodice)

R31 &32: k2rows, makes a ridge on right side

Join white do not fasten off green yarn.

R33&34: k

Fasten off white, use green

R35: k

R36: BO

These red and white dresses would look great in any colour combinations- not just for Christmas.

The plain Red and white follows the pattern exactly I simply changed the colours.

For the dress with the striped skirt, I followed the pattern to R23

Then alternated colours every two rows. (changed colour every knit row)

When I got to the hem, I worked rows 31-35 in red only.

I decided to give the girls ribbon bows to go with their new outfits, I could have knitted red bows from the pattern but thought a little bit of shiny ribbon would make a nice change.

I’ve been keeping this bit of tartan ribbon for years; I’m so pleased there was enough to make hair bows.

Well, I’m about to reach for my needles and try some of the suggestions I’ve made for alternative versions myself…. I’m sure I’ve got some fluffy white yarn somewhere in my stash….

If you would like to buy your own Lilly and May doll pattern, you'll find links to Etsy ( printed and instant download versions) Ravelry, Lovecrafts etc here.

Merry Christmas and Happy Knitting


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