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Free witches’ hat pattern for Huggling Monsters at Halloween.

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

With Halloween fast approaching I thought that just maybe folk would enjoy a quick little free knitted Halloween costume for their Huggling Monsters to wear.

I created Hugglings when this awful pandemic started and we were locked down, and unable to hug our loved ones. I knitted a little hug for my daughter, then found that lots of other folk wanted to knit and give hugs to family and friends too.

So may folk have enjoyed knitting, giving, and receiving Huggling Monsters- I thought a Halloween costume would be a nice little surprise gift for all those loved Hugglings to wear!

This little hat is borrowed from one of my Halloween Bitsy Baby Dolls- and like all good hand me downs it fits my youngest “child” perfectly!

This hat will fit a head circumference of 17cm or 7 inches, so It may fit other small cuddly toys too.

I do hope you enjoy this quick and easy free pattern.

To make each hat you will need :-

10g of DK/Light worsted yarn

Needle size 3.5mm (UK 10 /US 4)

To make a larger hat try Aran or Chunky yarn and use the recommended size of needle for your chosen yarn.

Witch's hat knitting pattern

R1: CO56

R2: K

R3 k1, k2tog (k5, k2tog) rep to last 4 stst, k4 (48)

R4: p

R5: k1, k2tog, (k4, k2tog) rep to last 3sts, k3(40)

R6: p

R7: k1, k2tog, (k3, k2tog) rep to last 2 stst, k2 (32)

R8-10: stst 3 rows starting with a p row

R11: k1, k2tog, k to end of row (31)

R12: p

R13:(k3, k2tog) rep to last st, k1 (25)

R14-16: stst 3 rows, starting with a p row

R17: (k2, k2tog) rep to last st, k1 (19)

R18-20: stst 3 rows, starting with a p row

R21: (k1, k2tog) rep to last st, k1 (13)

R22-24: stst 3 rows, starting with a p row

R25: k2tog rep to last st, k1 (7)

R26-28: stst 3 rows, starting with a p row

R29: k2tog three times, k1 (4)

R30: C&T

Making up the Witch's Hat

Sew the seam of the hat from tip to base. Ease out the brim to flatten it. Make a small bend near the tip of the hat and catch it into place with 2 or 3 small stitches.

Very lightly stuff the lower section of the hat and sew it into place on the Hugglings head. You can use spray laundry starch or hairspray to further shape the hat brim.

Next sew the hat on to your hugglings head and give him or her to someone who needs a hug!

Oh, I nearly forgot-If you wan tot make a few of the cute Little pumpkins, they are super easy and quick to knit!

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1 Comment

Nov 08, 2020

Was going to try this hat in white and red for a Santa huggling. Think it would work ?

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