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Favourite yarn shades for knitted Pumpkins

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

I love autumn, the colours take on a cosy softness, with all the oranges and browns. Summer is lovely and I mourn it’s passing, but I try to embrace the Fall.

One way I celebrate the changing seasons is of course with my knitting!

I knit a few more of these Easy Knitted Pumpkins each year- I have too, as they seem to get “adopted” by visitors. After all what knitter can resist gifting items which friends have admired?

I thought I’d share with you the colours I’ve used.

Of course these are only my ideas- pumpkins come in so many shades there’s enormous scope for creativity.

Let’s start with our favourite toy making yarn, Stylecraft special DK

My first choice is the aptly named Spice 1711

I think both Tomato 1733 and Mustard 1823 look great with Spice in a group. Yes I know there's also a large Vintage Pink pumpkin lurking in this photo- more about that shade in a moment!

I used Meadow 1065 for the stalks, you could use up any scraps of green yarn for the stalks, they only take a few metres.

Paintbox yarns from Lovecraft are also a favourite of mine.

I love the bold punch of Blood Orange 119, I knitted the large version from the pattern using their Simply Chunky yarn and it came out 18cm/7” in diameter.

I used Melon Sorbet 116 and Vintage Pink155 (that's the one which sneaked into the style craft yarns photo) and Slate Green 126 for the stalks. I think they work well too.

And for a bit of variety I used Style craft Batik elements Magnesium 1940

I really like the effect of this variegated yarn.

You may have noticed I’ve knitted different sizes of pumpkins. I’ve included three sizes in my pattern. if you use double knit (light worsted) they will be:-

Small- diameter 6cm/2.25” x height 4m/1.5”

Medium- diameter 8cm/3” x height 5cm/2”

Large- diameter10cm/4” x height6cm/2.5”

You can have fun experimenting with other weights of yarn, chunky or Aran will give larger sizes, and conversely lighter weight yarns such as 4ply will give smaller pumpkins.

Just remember to use the right size needle for your chosen yarn, if in doubt use a slightly smaller needle so the knitted fabric is nice and close, then the stuffing won’t show through.

These pumpkins really are super easy to knit, and just as easy to make up.

I'm sure you will even more inventive than me in the colours you choose to use!

Here's a quick guide the shades I've shared with you-

Spice 1711

Tomato 1733

Mustard 1823

Meadow 1065

Blood Orange 119,

Melon Sorbet 116

Vintage Pink155

Slate Green 126

If you'd like to use my Easy knit pattern you can find instant downloads here

or order a printed version which I will post to you here

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