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Playing with yarn pegs and Easy Knitted Pumpkins

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

I think the lovely rich oranges and yellows of pumpkins were what inspired my pattern idea in the first place. I had tipped out my yarn pegs onto my work bench one afternoon when it was mizzling with rain outside.

The summer was over but the lovely autumn shades had yet to appear on the trees. So, to cheer myself up I was having a little creative play time.

I always enjoy finding a reason to tip out my basket of yarn pegs and play – They are so tactile and satisfying to slide around on my work bench making colour groups and shade sets as I dream about what I’ll knit and how the colour combinations will work

With Halloween fast approaching I’d been considering writing a pumpkin pattern but when I started playing with the pumpkin colours…. Well, I was just as excited about choosing the colours, as I was about the idea of knitting some pumpkins.

By the time I’d chosen the colours, I knew I was going to have to make a collection of them. So I then had to come up with the sizes....

Now here comes the confession, as a designer I should be able to justify my design decisions, and mostly I can. On this occasion I created a set of smallish pumpkins (the largest has a diameter 10cm/4” x height 6cm/2.5”) simply so I could knit each one quickly and get onto the next colour!

There I’ve said it, I was in a hurry to get finished and admire the collection.

Sometimes my patterns are about being quick and easy to make. And these are one of those patterns. I can knit all three in an evening whilst watching tv.

I knitted the pumpkins knitted flat with the seam tucked away into the shaping, I also used a simple increase, knit front and back, and a simple decrease, slip, slip, knit to shape the knitting. Although you can just as easily use knit 2 together to decrease if you prefer. I like SSK as I find it easier on my hands and it does not make such a big bump on the front of the knitting, but it’s up to you which you use.

My sister visited shortly after I had finished knitting,sewing up and then taking photos of my new knitted pumpkin decorations. She always likes to see what I’ve been working on, so I was looking forward to showing them to her. She decorates her house for Halloween each year so I thought she might like my knitted offering.

Her reaction did not disappoint me- she loved them, so I popped the whole collection in a pretty bag for her to take home.

I’m hoping to find time to knit myself another basket full before I start on the Christmas knitting. But I’ve just seen some great new season colour combinations so I may just reach for my yarn pegs again instead!!

If you'd like to knit a few pumpkins for yourself you'll find the pattern here in my Ravelry store, Along with my other Halloween patterns.

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