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How to knit a quick mini flower

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Step by step guide to show you how to knit quick and easy flowers for your Huggling Monsters hats- They are also pretty cute on lots of other dolls and toys too!

This is my favourite way to knit a quick and easy mini flower, the trick is in how you pass the stitches between the needles. If you don't pass them back correctly you'll get a twisted set of petals which won't lay flat.

1.Cast on 3 stitches, I find the cable method works best for me.

2. knit 2 stitches,

3. Next pass first stitch back over the second stitch and off the needle to bind off ( cast off) one stitch

4. Knit the last stitch through the back of the loop.This can seem a bit tricky at first but essentially you are making a knit stitch the same as usual, but you insert the tip of the right hand needle behind the left hand needle and into the back of the loop, then wrap the yarn as normal to make a knit stitch.

5. You will now have 2 stitches on your right hand needle.

6. Pass the first stitch over the second and off the needle to to Bind off (Cast off) again. leaving you with one remaining stitch

7. This part is important- carefully pass the last remaining stitch back onto the left hand needle WITHOUT turning or twisting the stitch. If you turn the stitch around the flower petal will not lie flat.

8. Cast on 2 more stitches using cable method (or you preferred method as long as it's nice and firm )You will now have 3 stitches on the right hand needle, and your first complete flower petal.

9. Repeat steps 1 - 8 four more times to give you 5 petals. For the fifth petal leave off step 8 as you don't need to cast on more stitches. Cut the yarn and pull through the last loop to finish off.

10.Use the yarn tail to weave through the straight edge of the knitting.

11.Pull the the yarn end to gather the petals. Make a small stitch in the back to hold the gathers in place.

12.Use a contrasting length of yarn ( approx 25cm) to make the flower centre, tie 3 knots in the middle of the yarn, then using a blunt needle pass each end of the yarn through the base of a petal on each side of the centre. This will stop the knot popping through the middle and disappearing.

13.Tie the ends of the flower centre yarn tightly at the back.

Congratulations! you've made your first flower!!

You can use the yarn ends to sew it in place on hats

I used contrasting yarn to embellish these Huggling Monsters sun hats.

For this Flower Garden Bitsy Baby I made a basket of flowers and I tied the yarn ends with a piece of thin yarn to make her bouquet.

Here is the flower pattern, It's really very easy now you know how!


R2: BO first st, k last stitch through the back loop then BO

(1st remaining)

Slip remaining stitch from right hand onto left hand

needle without turning the work.

R3: CO2 (3 sts on left hand needle)

R4-10: rep R 2&3 four times to make five petals

Fasten off yarn

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