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Huggling Monsters - Little knitted hugs for my family and friends !

I miss hugging, I miss all those hugs we used to share. Hello's and Goodbyes, "Not seen you for ages", and "I only saw you yesterday" hugs. The "Thank you"' hugs and the "I care" hugs and everything in between.

When my grown up daughter said how much she missed her "mum hugs" I pulled out my sketch book and basket of part finished knitting ideas , and in a fit of creativity (something sadly hard to find in the first weeks of lockdown ) I wrote the knitting pattern and made my first Huggling Monster.

That first knitted hug was waiting sealed in a plastic bag on the doorstep when she next dropped off some shopping for me, and so the first Huggling brought a smile to the face of someone I love.

I've knitted so many since then, for my family, friends and neighbours, and my friends- neighbours-kids, and even the friends of my friends- neighbours -kids!

It seems that like me - we all need and miss the simple humble hug....

Until we are all hugging again (and that can't be soon enough !!) I'm going to carry on knitting, giving, posting and sharing knitted Huggling Monsters with everyone that I can't share the real thing with.

If you would like to knit a Huggling to give to someone you miss, they really are very simple and easy to make. All the details are on the Ravelry page ( knitted flat, very few seams etc)

Stay safe my friends and happy knitting x

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Sep 21, 2023

Wrong Hug Pattern

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